Want to boost your resume?

We have a number of opportunities available to Masters and PhD students looking to boost their resumes over the next school year. 

- Have the bug for holding a leadership position? We are always looking for eager individuals to help head-up our student events and will be hosting a number of activities in the spring semester that will only be possible with a small army of volunteers. Email Habib at abdulrahman.habib@unt.edu to get involved. 

- Interested in open data and the city of Denton? Join Jesse Hamner in hosting the second Open Data Day on Saturday, March 4th. While this may seem like it's a while away, we want to get an early head start and need a few hands for data prep and cleaning (programmers we are calling your names loud and clear, and will give you a million gold stars if you're Python-savvy) before the big day. Email Jesse at Jesse.Hamner@unt.edu for more information. 

A quick recap on the purpose of the event: Denton Open Data Day is a gathering of Denton citizens to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations and publish analyses using Denton open public data to show support for and encourage the adoption of Denton open data policies. It is a good chance for UNT students and local developers to use Denton Open Data to produce something useful to the community.

- Intrigued by the peer-review process? Have a desire to help research be published in a timely manner with access to those who need it most? Join Dr. Jeff Allen in peer-reviewing Information-Science driven journals. The time commitment is flexible and this is a highly-desired skill for new graduates to possess when job-seeking. Email Jeff Allen at jeff.allen@unt.edu for more information. 

hillary stark